I have four children and two grandchildren. My youngest two are homeschooled (ages 6 & 10), so being a teacher is my main job. 
I started photography as a way to work close to home, create my own schedule, and raise my babies. I always loved taking pictures, I just didn't know how much until I really applied myself. 

My very first paid session in early 2011 was a newborn, and I knew right then that I had a knack for this, and I never wanted to do anything else.

Hello I’m Kelli, wife, mom, grandmother (nana!)
I specialize in newborn photography, but I also enjoy capturing the little ones' milestones as they grow. 
From the womb to the smash cake, I've got you covered for all of those never-forget moments!
When my clients comment on my work, they often call me a 'baby whisperer', and mention how patient and knowledgeable I am with handling their newborns. I have such a love for newborns and babies and I believe it really shows in my work. 

so glad you are here!

Welcome Friend!

I love the beach. I'm not a swimmer, but I AM a professional beach-comber!
(Well, maybe just an amateur.)
I could walk the shores all day just marveling at the God-Created beauty of it.. and finding shells of course! 
I've found a few large keepsakes lying on the shore, but I'm still on the hunt for the elusive sand dollar. ;) 

the beach makes me oh-so-happy

Sometimes I'm more immature than my children.
I like to dance. And jump on the trampoline.
Race through the bounce house. 
Do round-offs and cartwheels.
Sing loudly (and poorly).
I speak in a couple dozen different accents, just for my kids' entertainment. 
Laughter is indeed the best medicine. 

I love to laugh and im the biggest goofball
I know

I love Him.
I love His Word.
I love His Church. 
I'm an everyday sinner,
saved by Grace. 
I'm a Children's Director for Roads Kidz and serve on the Ministry and Photography Teams at The Roads Church
in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. 
Join me! I'll save you a seat! 

I love jesus.

Like I said.. sinner saved by grace. 
My husband's name is Curtis. He loves to hunt. He also loves to hunt. And sometimes he hunts. 
For fun.. he hunts. 
No really. 
We have more deer on the walls than anyone I know. 
And that's perfectly fine with me. 

i met my husband at a bar and the rest was history.

I am an Elvis fan, and I have been for as long as I can remember. A trait inherited from my Momma (and daddy). 
My mom has a room full of Elvis memorabilia, and I grew up going through it and listening to all of the songs.. watching the movies..
My Kya (age 10) has inherited my love the king.. 
When we're in the car we listen to The Message or Elvis Radio. And that's it. 

Jesus.. Curtis.. Elvis.
Pretty much in that order.






Let's Get Personal

fun Facts About Me!

Fun facts

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Baby nose and baby toes.. oh how quickly baby grows.. (I'm a poet too!)
If you had to pick just ONE material thing that you could keep out of everything you own, I'm betting it would be a photograph or photo album. 
Nothing is more valuable than your precious memories.
Reminders of a time that is gone forever.

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy